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Dust collector which adopts the system of shaking off adherent dust by sensing a difference of pressure with computer.

cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling hole, sanding, buffing, sandblasting, powder handling (introjection, mixing, stirring, sacking, weighing capacity, etc.)

Manufacturing machinery, agricultural machine, specialized machine, particulate processing device, steel manufacture, ceramic device, etc.

Highly effective shaking system

The sensor automatically detects the need of shaking by the condition of clogging on the filter. It maintains the steady air flow and high efficiency electronically.

Maker∏s own chrysanthemum-form block filter

Chrysanthemum-form block filter enhances an efficiency of extraction. Cassette type makes it easy to change filters.

High quality turbo fan enhances the efficiency

Adopts the high quality turbo fan developed through experience and advanced fluid engineering. It enhances fan efficiency by 72% with the same motor capacity.

Low-noise design
High quality turbo fan reduces noise during the operation.

filter is detachable without tools.
filter is detachable without tools.
cart-type duct box collects heavy dust and easy to handle.
Model Electric machinery (kW-P) Electric pressure/phase Air flow
Static pressure
Filtration Area
air volume requirement
Chamber capacity
Operation noisedB(A) Contour mass
CFM-10N 1.5-2 200/3 20 2.45 10.8 40 25 74 165
CFM-20N 2.2-2 200/3 30 2.45 16.2 60 35 74 210
CFM-30N 3.7-2 200/3 40 2.45 21.6 80 50 76 260
CFM-40N 5.5-2 200/3 60 2.45 32.4 120 60 78 450

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